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ZpikesTape ®

An effective tool without side effects

Made for you with long-term pain, headaches, muscle and joint pain, stress or poor sleep.

We have carefully designed ZpikesTape so that you can apply constant pressure to the most used acupuncture point of all time (Li4). Zpikes can be used preventively (max. 22 hours per application) and is based on 3,000-year-old knowledge.

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Hi, my name is Marius. I made ZpikesTape for myself to alleviate my rheumatic pain. After 13 years of self-medication to relieve my emotional, physical and mental pain, I finally reached the bottom.

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When I returned from a twelve-step treatment for the disease addiction, I dared not take pills anymore and had to find a side-effect-free solution. When I got to know what it was like to utilize the body's fantastic potential with acupressure, I knew I had to share the experience with others. Maybe ZpikesTape can change your life the way it has for me and 25,000 other Norwegians.